Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Further Reports of a Downgraded Library Service

Depressing reports continue to come in from the public, regarding the handing over of Torridon Road and Forest Hill library to private enterprise, the abandonment of Manor House Library and poor staffing levels at Catford Library.

"Shelving trolley was piled high with books all over the floor on Tuesday morning. Library staff did turn up and shelve them today, however children's library looked like a bomb had hit it. Female security guard stepped in to the breach and has been running the weekly Baby Bounce sessions as up to 20 parents turned up as usual expecting a session. This is beyond what she is expected or paid to do. No printing - whilst I was there 3 people asked and were told they had to go to Lewisham. No collection of reservations - people have to go to Lewisham to collect any. No newspapers - security guards are picking up free copies of the Metro and making them available but no other papers available. No library staff there on Saturday - the busiest day. Self service terminal broke down. Security guard made a note on paper of returned books..."Manor House Library User

People report not being able to print documents - an essential service for some - at both Catford Library and Manor House Library.

Library users also report that Forest Hill Library opened two hours late on Saturday - is this the reliable library service we were lead to believe would be delivered by V22?

The campaign invites more library users to comment on these latest developments to our local libraries.

If you want to protest at the downgrading of Lewisham's Library Service, write to your councilor and the Mayor who approved this and join us on the national march this Saturday. Lewisham campaigners will meet up at Pret A Manger on the corner of Mabledon Place/Euston Road at noon.

Libraries, Museums & Galleries Demonstration

12noon Saturday 5th November, 2016

Meet in the car park behind the British Library, Euston Road.

March to House of Commons for a rally.

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