Saturday, 1 April 2017

V22 wins Manor House library contract

Sadly, last week, Mayor and Cabinet agreed to hand over Manor House Library to an arts business, V22,  in spite of community and campaign efforts to keep our library run by trained council staff. 

We have serious concerns about V22 and its subsidiaries, as do other people working in the art world who have been tracking its directors and their links to mining companies and property development, using artists and cheap studio provision as a way of regenerating an area, which profits who? Mainly the property developers...

Read the following article by Stephen Pritchard

Is it ethical that a private company listed in the Isle of Mann, who will not be paying any tax on its profits, gain from running a beautiful listed building owned by the council?! We say NO! 

The campaign will continue to monitor all the 'community libraries' that have been handed over to third parties, making sure that they do actually comply with the 1964 Libraries Act by providing 'an efficient and comprehensive library service.' 


TODAY: Don't forget to join the Re-open our libraries now! PROTEST for Defend the Ten on the anniversary of the occupation on the steps of Carnegie Library in Lambeth today at 1pm!

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