Thursday, 25 February 2016


A BIG thank you to everyone who turned up to the lively lobby - from parents and toddlers from Torridon Road Library, library workers, Users and Friends of Manor House library, concerned Lewisham residents and passers by who supported us and signed the growing petition.

A banner was unfurled in the Full Council Budget meeting.
We made our voice heard - REVERSE THE LIBRARY CUTS!

Watch this space for details of more protests, marches and lobbying. The campaign continues...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


There are many ways you can help the campaign...


Let them know how you feel about the library cuts - before they set next year's budget on 24 February.

Suggested wording for email:
Dear Councillor / name
I am emailing you to ask you to move or second an amendment to next year's budget
To take £1million from the council's reserves
To reverse the proposed £1million cut to the library service
Lewisham needs its libraries. The consultation showed massive support for our properly run libraries and the proposed plans for community libraries are a shambles with nothing in place.

Most Saturdays 12noon -1pm
Catford - phone Tim 07947 883985
Lewisham - phone Caz 07905 964825

Come along to the next lobby of council 6.30pm Wednesday 24 February 2016 
Bring placards, whistles, drums, pots and pans. Let's make the Council take notice!

If you have any time or skills or ideas you can offer, we would love to hear from you!

ARTICLE: Library cuts spark series of strikes...

The walkouts come after Tory cuts led to 441 libraries closing in five years – while another 149 face the axe.

Read about the strike action by library workers in article by Stephen Hayward 

Library services are under attack all over the country and library workers in South London are fighting back. Some of the striking library workers from other boroughs poke at our public meeting last Wednesday - Bromley have been on strike 13 non-consecutive weeks and Lambeth have held a series of a strikes with mission slogan 'Strike for One Day, Save a Library Forever!'

Let us stand together in defiance of these cuts to our essential service.

Monday, 15 February 2016


The latest library restructure with proposed job cuts has just been announced.

Under the council’s plans, 147 existing posts will be lost and 52 posts created in the new library structure. So 95 library jobs will be cut. Many of these jobs are part-time, but nonetheless essential to many library workers.

The new three-week rota system proposed by management will be difficult for parents to fit around childcare, and is especially discriminatory toward single parents.

The council is also planning to add one more management post! How can the council justify this when the council want to hand over management of four of our libraries to social and private enterprises?!

Unison will be responding to the council’s plans.

We are calling on all library workers and library users to make your voice heard and join us at the next lobby of Council at 6.30pm on Wednesday 24 February.

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Thanks to everyone who joined us at the fantastic 65 strong public meeting last Wednesday. It was great to hear the inspirational speakers and all the contributions/suggestions and expressions of support from the floor. 
A special thank you to striking library workers from Lambeth and Bromley and to the junior doctors and student health workers who also spoke on the eve of their strike actions.

A lobby of the Full Council Budget Meeting on Wednesday 24 February - join us outside the Civic Suite from 6.30pm onwards. We will be asking councillors to make an amendment to the forthcoming budget, requesting £1m from the reserve budget to reverse the library cuts. 
Bring placards, whistles, drums, pots and pans to protest! 

No ifs, no buts, no more library cuts!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

PUBLIC MEETING 9 February 2016

Save Lewisham Libraries PUBLIC MEETING

7pm Tuesday 9 February
New Cross Learning
283-285 New Cross Road
SE14 6AS


Come to our public meeting to hear the latest and get involved in the fight to defend library services in Lewisham.

With speakers: 
Alan Gibbons - children's author and library campaigner
Chrissie Gittins - Lewisham Writer in Residence
Kathy Smith - Bromley libraries striker
Jenny Leow - student healthworker, NHS bursaries campaign
Plus Save Lewisham Libraries campaigners

Restore Our Library Service

Lewisham's libraries are a well loved and much used service, especially depended on by children.

It is upsetting then, that our libraries have been put through the wringer, and to show for it, issue numbers have fallen more than almost anywhere else in the country in the last five years. Lewisham Council has executed on its misbeggoten decision to cut £1 million from the budget, making most staff redundant whilst outsourcing operations to social enterprises and charities on decades long leases and contracts. And disgustingly, council advances this as an innovative 'opportunity'. It has also been pushing the money under the rug, as outsourced groups who run into cash flow problems are given large council grants, and this is now par for the course.

The Council removed staff from 4 of our libraries in 2016:

Catford, Forest Hill, Manor House and Torridon Road.

Despite the massive public opposition and the first council staff strikes here in decades, they pushed the changes through. This is not forgotten or over. This must be rectified.

Unison was right to believe that the implementation of the scheme would mean:

  • Professional staff will not be available in these libraries
  • Opening times will be reduced
  • If there are not enough volunteers, then libraries will close
  • Library usage and services to the community will be reduced
  • Vulnerable users won’t be able to access library services

They can no longer rightly be called libraries but pale imitations, community centres, thinly veiled property development operations that make a show of meeting a few basic library service functions and relying on volunteers. They stretch the remaining council staff dangerously thin, perhaps popping in to Pepys library once a week to mourn the chaos. Having made these idiotic redundancies so drastically management have had to take on agency staff. They've even trained up at cost new staff, who have handed in their resignation finding the conditions intolerable.

It has left us left three "hub" libraries still very basically council staffed, Lewisham, Deptford Lounge and Downham. Catford often has nobody but the security guards that work in the building, you can't print and can never expect to be able to print, and it is unsafe and unreliable.

In a borough this size it no longer meets our statutory right to a local, accessible, convenient library service.

These hub libraries are under threat of more unsubtle restructures by Bullock and head of the service Anthonio 'they changed my title so I'd have no chance of being sued' Rizzo. We campaign by all our legitimate means, from our right to public assembly, to arguing in surgeries and consultations, to looking into the published books of tender candidates to see what the council turns a blind eye to.

We have perhaps decreased the damange and slowed it down, but council generally has its head in the sand, and the tory government that goes without saying.

In this misinformation, privatisation age libraries are for their users desperately important.

Save Lewisham Libraries urges you to FIGHT FOR LIBRARIES!

Please sign our petition, come to our meetings and developing protests and get involved.